Pruning may be the most effective method of achieving and maintaining a healthy, safe, and vibrant tree.

Removing weak, dead, or diseased limbs, water sprouts, dead plant material,

and/or overgrown branches can enhance the health and aesthetics of your tree immensely.  

There is a great benefit to starting young trees on a pruning program. Not only does it allow you to design

the look of your yard, it also prevents unbalanced overgrowth, which can lead to a costly removal down the road. 


When a tree is pruned properly from its youth, it teaches the tree to form

a strong central liter (or trunk) as well as a full canopy.  As the tree grows and matures, the pruning

it received early on will help keep it healthy and more resistant to pest infestation,

disease, decay, and storm damage. Additionally, if the tree is maintained properly from the

beginning, the need for excessive pruning and costly maintenance will

become less necessary as the tree grows. 




A Cut Knuckle Inc. I.S.A. Certified Arborist can help you

determine the pruning and maintenance needs for your trees.

We love trees, and truly enjoy working with our clients to satisfy their tree care needs.