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What the DIRT?

Soil is a mixture of water, air, organic matter and minerals. The essential function of soil remains the same: to support plant life by providing nutrients. Soil is made up of several layers, with topsoil being the outermost portion. Topsoil is the loose, fertile layer of soil that covers the ground. It is generally the top 2 inches of soil and is composed of the heaviest concentration of microorganisms and organic matter. Grass, plants and trees grow in topsoil and to many people, it looks like dirt, stones, and sticks. Premium screened topsoil is hard to find typically, but Cut Knuckle Inc. supplies it within the Hampton Roads area.

The uppermost layer of soil tends to not go any deeper than 8 inches. It’s a blend of humus (decaying organic material) with composted material and minerals, which produce a healthy substrate for both trees and plants. Topsoil is vital because plants get the majority of their nutrients from it, and plants’ roots are generally concentration within it. If you are trying to grow something, especially grass, topsoil is a necessity. Topsoil will be dark and rich in organic matter due to leaves and other vegetation that will have decomposed on the surface. However, topsoil can also contain sand, clay, and silt. The humus (decaying organic material) is added to the soil to create air pockets for water to penetrate and stops it from compacting to a hard soil. The soil is screened with 3/4″ mins grade.


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